Saturday, June 30, 2012

Knights and Dragons pillow

I really love doing custom pieces for my Etsy customers. There are some very imaginative and creative people out there, and I have so much fun creating keepsakes that are as fun as they are.

I have to say, that little knight was the MOST complicated felt character I've done. I thought the pirate was complex, but the knight had so many tiny pieces to him that I had to start and stop several times to makes sure I was putting him together correctly. Putting the felt characters together is sort of like building a puzzle backwards. I have to start from the bottom layer up. I always take a picture of the character "assembled" before I start sewing so that I can come back and look at it to make sure I'm getting all of the pieces on correctly!

I think this one turned out really cute! I had originally planned on giving the dragon felt flames, but the name panel wouldn't fit the felt. Instead I did the running stitch flames, I think it turned out pretty well. At least I'm satisfied, we'll see what Jack thinks! I hope he likes it. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012


I had some leftover fabric from making myself a couple of maxi skirts so I decided to make my daughter and her dolly matching dresses. I drafted a bodice top on my own, gathered a panel to fit the top, then attached it to the back panel that I had shirred across the top. Then I followed a tutorial to get the braided straps.

She and I both like the dress enough that I'd like to make another one in a regular cotton instead of a jersey knit. This dress is perfect for goofing around in, but a nicer one would be great, too. And she loves that her dolly matches her and that she can easily get the dress on by herself (to an independent 2-year-old that is a HUGE plus).

I'll get a better picture soon and post some close-ups of the dress. She wouldn't let me get too close with the camera the other day. ;)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The other bear bag

 Much the same as the last one, but a lot harder to finish for some reason. :/ And I think it looks a bit goofy. The other one had good length/width ratios. This one is a little short and wide, but I REALLY don't feel like going back and fixing it. I'm ready to get on to other projects....
Either way, I'm sure my son will love them both.

Took on a 10 minute project for my son's teacher on Friday. She's moving, and he's really enjoyed having her as his teacher every Sunday at church, so I decided the day of her going-away party that I really needed to make her something. I went to my superhero, Pinterest, and it saved the day for me. Cute, easy tutorial here: Skip to My Lou.
I love when a project comes together so quickly and looks nice in the end! We put the bookmarks in a little "book" card that said "You're the best in my book!" I thought it was cute, but then I'm pretty cheesy sometimes. She liked it, though, and that's what counts. :)

Next up:
Toothfairy pillow (which should ship out Tuesday)
Shoulder bag (which is all but finished)
Quilt (the beast that I am dreading at the moment...)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Picture Clocks

I made these picture clocks for Father's Day this year:
I always have problems thinking of things to do for the grandpas for Father's Day. They always have everything they need, and I don't like to give cutesy gifts to grandfathers; they need something a little more practical. This year I followed a tutorial at Rosy Red Buttons and made picture clocks for all of the men folk. I hope they like them! :)

The first month of Christmas

1. Shepherd and sheep to add to the cousins' Nativity set they got last Christmas.

2. Play diaper bag part of the diaper bag set for my daughter. I've still got wipes, diapers, and a blanket to go. I followed this tutorial: diaper bag.

3. Bear sleeping bag. One down, one to go. I'll probably finish that one tonight. :)