Friday, November 25, 2011

Two more off the list

 Felt Nativity set going to my sister-in-law's kids. So excited about this! I've decided that every year my Christmas gift for the family will be to add to that set. AND I'll make a set for every brother/sister as they grow their families. So far, between myself and my husband, we've only got three married couples, and only two of us have kids. I definitely have time before I have to start thinking about assembling a bunch of these, but I figured I could start out with the Holy Family and then add a couple of new characters every year. This year I just need to make one more set for my kids and that's it for now. I can stow away my pattern until another Christmas. :)
Doll quilt for my daughter. She's getting a nice doll this year for Christmas, so I decided to make her a doll quilt to go with her dolly. It measures about 17" x 20" and I used Me & My Sister's "Birdie". It is an older line (almost two years) but I absolutely ADORE it. My daughter's baby quilt is made from the same line, her big-girl quilt uses this line, her tooth fairy pillow is going to use "Birdie".... She's a "Birdie" baby! Seemed only appropriate to use my left-over charms from her big-girl quilt (which is currently sitting in small stacks in my project drawer) to whip up the doll blanket to match. I'll be so sad when I can't find ANY of this fabric any more! I have a yard of the yellow flowers print that I'm hoarding, but will probably all be used up in her big-girl quilt.

This was my first attempt at a scalloped edge..... I will definitely be practicing it a LOT more before doing the scalloped edge on my daughter's big-girl quilt. I had to sort of create my own template for the scallops, but I won't be doing that again. Next time, I'm buying one. That way I know I'll get it right. A doll quilt I can sort of excuse the mistakes. For the real deal? Not so much....

So! Two down, a bunch more to go....

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