Friday, August 30, 2013

Finish and a near finish

I've taken on a beast of a project with my daughter's Halloween costume. I can't help myself, when she says she wants to be a princess, and I just happen to have a ton of fabric leftover from cape orders, I will make one heckuva princess dress!
 Inspired by the Elizabethan style. I've got a lot of details to add, not to mention a hoop skirt, but it isn't terribly hard. I drafted my own pattern for the bodice, I'm working on the sleeve pattern. Should be fun.

And now for my finish:
Celebrating my inner hippie, and inspired by SO MANY different dream catcher bracelets on Pinterest, this was my pride and joy for the week.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Busy busy

I've been really busy the last few weeks month. And not all with fun stuff.

But first, some fun stuff!

My husband, pulling his best "I'm a Superhero!" toothy grin, modeling an adult CTR cape for me:

Sorry, ladies. He's taken. ;)

Next, the beginnings of a bracelet:

I'm a hippy at heart, so this is the start to my own dreamcatcher bracelet. I'm waiting on my feather charms to get in.

Next up, if you are on the hunt for a cute, easy, crochet project I've got one for you. DD Hines has a free pattern for a slouchy beanie. LOVE it!

The adorable baby pictured above had a surgery this morning (part of the busy that hasn't been fun, arranging all of that). To keep myself busy and focused so I wouldn't just pace the waiting room I made that slouchy beanie. Perfect! Kept me preoccupied, and P got a fun hat after he got out of surgery. Yay!

I got home and made one for my daughter, too:

She loved it! It is pink, how could she not.

Now I turn my focus to Christmas. Can't start too soon!