Saturday, October 29, 2011


Finished off the Waldo hats. Didn't get anything else done this week. It has been way too hectic. Blegh.

I might get around to posting a better picture but for now this is it. Hubbs made a pretty awesome Waldo, and I enjoyed being Wanda tonight at our church's trunk-or-treat. The kids got to use their bags (WITH glowsticks!) and they got lots of candy. Yippee for fantastic crafts! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick-or-treat bags

Found a tutorial for these beauties here: bags. Pinterest sure is a wonderful thing, but it sure adds a lot to my list of to-dos. Anyway....

The kids love their new bags. Knocked D flat onto his back he was so excited! ;) Now all I need to do is add the glow sticks and they're good to glow (pun intended, harharhar).

I also finished up a second batch of apple butter (am starting a third), another CTR cape, and am almost finished with the first Waldo hat (which does not bode well for me as I need them done by Saturday and I'm lacking motivation to get them finished).

Next up on the list - A's doll quilt (and her cousin, E's, as they will be matching and I might as well get them both done at once), Mom's iPhone holder, and a couple of toothfairy pillows. Will I get it all done this week? Probably not, but I'll get done what I can.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Actually got a few things accomplished today! Wahoo! It helps that it has been super rainy and we can't really go anywhere.

So here's what got done today:
Canned some oh-so-yummy apple butter (following this recipe) and two CTR capes finished and posted to Etsy. I also cleaned my basement in preparation for the other bigger projects I've got on that list of mine but I wanted to spare myself the humiliation of putting a picture of my (cleaner) messy basement.

Tomorrow I've got a whole three other bags of apples to can. Hopefully the house will actually get to smell like spicy apples for more than a few hours and not like my toaster that caught fire this morning. But that's another story....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Head count

This last week one of my all-time favorite quilty people had a post called "Finish it up Friday". She invited other bloggers to participate and link up to her blog by finishing one of their WIP's, blogging about it, then celebrating with a bunch of other people in completing that one WIP. Good idea! So I had this conversation with myself:

"OOOOoooo!!! Which one should I choose?" relatively insane Me said.

"Which could I get done quickly?" Practical Me said.

"Well, there's my mom's quilt." Insane Me suggested.

To which Practical me replied, "No! Are you crazy that one's going to take forever!"

"Okay, then there is the doll quilts, or the capes, or....." the crazy me began.

"Wait a minute..... Just how many WIP's do I have??" I said.

So I generated a list. A pretty pathetic list. It is quite extensive. And, frankly, Pinterest hasn't helped anything. I don't know how my works in progress list got so out of hand. I mean, I know I'm a great starter, awful finisher, but JEEZ this is ridiculous. I really need some accountability or something because I need to get these unfinished projects off my list.

So! That's what this blog is. My accountability. Not sure how often I'll post (because I DO have a life.... somewhere) but eventually I'll get all these crazy projects done. I think I'll also get rid of some of my fabric (the hubs will LOVE that!) as I go along. So here goes. Seriously don't think I'll be making the "Finish it up Friday" posts for a while, but I'll try. One project at a time.