Saturday, June 30, 2012

Knights and Dragons pillow

I really love doing custom pieces for my Etsy customers. There are some very imaginative and creative people out there, and I have so much fun creating keepsakes that are as fun as they are.

I have to say, that little knight was the MOST complicated felt character I've done. I thought the pirate was complex, but the knight had so many tiny pieces to him that I had to start and stop several times to makes sure I was putting him together correctly. Putting the felt characters together is sort of like building a puzzle backwards. I have to start from the bottom layer up. I always take a picture of the character "assembled" before I start sewing so that I can come back and look at it to make sure I'm getting all of the pieces on correctly!

I think this one turned out really cute! I had originally planned on giving the dragon felt flames, but the name panel wouldn't fit the felt. Instead I did the running stitch flames, I think it turned out pretty well. At least I'm satisfied, we'll see what Jack thinks! I hope he likes it. :)

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