Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crafting to Christmas

With a new baby due in November I've kind of put my project list on hold. My priorities have shifted to Christmas, which MUST be completely finished before this babe makes it earth-side. SO! That means that my next few months will be occupied with Christmas crafts for the kids and family. The goal?

1. Nativity set additions
2. Bear sleeping bags
3. Toothfairy pillows

1. More Toothfairy pillows
2. Play diaper bag set
3. Simple shoulder bag

July: Quilt

August: Two more gifts depending on Secret Santa drawings from the in-laws. Still don't know if hubs and I will be crafting for guys or girls.

September: Finish my family's gifts

October: Ornaments.

Maybe this is just nesting talking, but I really think I can do this!

So forgive the long absence, I blame morning sickness.

And we're off! Christmas is going to be great! :D