Saturday, June 9, 2012

The other bear bag

 Much the same as the last one, but a lot harder to finish for some reason. :/ And I think it looks a bit goofy. The other one had good length/width ratios. This one is a little short and wide, but I REALLY don't feel like going back and fixing it. I'm ready to get on to other projects....
Either way, I'm sure my son will love them both.

Took on a 10 minute project for my son's teacher on Friday. She's moving, and he's really enjoyed having her as his teacher every Sunday at church, so I decided the day of her going-away party that I really needed to make her something. I went to my superhero, Pinterest, and it saved the day for me. Cute, easy tutorial here: Skip to My Lou.
I love when a project comes together so quickly and looks nice in the end! We put the bookmarks in a little "book" card that said "You're the best in my book!" I thought it was cute, but then I'm pretty cheesy sometimes. She liked it, though, and that's what counts. :)

Next up:
Toothfairy pillow (which should ship out Tuesday)
Shoulder bag (which is all but finished)
Quilt (the beast that I am dreading at the moment...)

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