Friday, February 8, 2013

Nearly finished

This week has been nuts! Poor baby is extra fussy lately. We've got a tongue tie and lip tie that need releasing, so we're working on it but it has proven to be difficult to handle. So I've been playing nurse a little more, and sewing has happily waited for me in my sewing basket.

Fortunately, this little gem will probably be finished tomorrow and will ship out on Monday, hopefully along with a couple other things if I can get to the machine one Sunday. I have one more title to add, then a music box on top of those books, and a ribbon to the top. Happy to see the ballerina looking lovely! :)

UPDATE: Just caught that I misspelled Cinderella. Oops. Good thing that is easy to fix at this stage.


  1. Beautiful work, the ballerina is my favorite! I hope you have a happy baby soon!

  2. very sweet.....we have a Coralynn grandgal!! we call her sweet.....I met you with the Its' All About Me blog much fun.....i bookmarked your page....cute!!