Wednesday, January 23, 2013

P's quilt

 I've used this pattern so many times now that I can whip this quilt together in three hours. INCLUDING the tying. And especially after finally figuring out a trick that made piecing so much easier. See, it uses the same concept as the scrappy trip around the world quilts that everyone is doing, only it is ten strips wide. Produces a nice sized crib quilt. And I think my little P likes it...
Like I said, this is a pattern I know well. It is the same pattern I used on his cousin's quilt last year, but I've also used this for his older brother and sister's baby quilts, another cousin, and seven other friends' baby quilts. So this is the TWELTH quilt I've made with this same pattern. I keep trying to branch out when it comes to baby quilts, too. I've got a ton on my Pinterest board that I'd love to try out, but I always come back to this simple pattern every time there is a new baby in the family. And each one is well loved! My older son's quilt needs some MAJOR repair work done. As in I really need to take the back off of the quilt and re-back and re-tie the whole thing so it doesn't fall apart! Maybe I'll do that as a surprise one day while he's at school. But then again, won't it lose some of its love? We'll see. :)

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