Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick-or-treat bags

Found a tutorial for these beauties here: bags. Pinterest sure is a wonderful thing, but it sure adds a lot to my list of to-dos. Anyway....

The kids love their new bags. Knocked D flat onto his back he was so excited! ;) Now all I need to do is add the glow sticks and they're good to glow (pun intended, harharhar).

I also finished up a second batch of apple butter (am starting a third), another CTR cape, and am almost finished with the first Waldo hat (which does not bode well for me as I need them done by Saturday and I'm lacking motivation to get them finished).

Next up on the list - A's doll quilt (and her cousin, E's, as they will be matching and I might as well get them both done at once), Mom's iPhone holder, and a couple of toothfairy pillows. Will I get it all done this week? Probably not, but I'll get done what I can.

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