Friday, July 4, 2014

June / July finishes

I started working on MY quilt! I've made many a quilt in my time, but never kept a one of them. So I'm changing that, one small piece at a time. I'm using a pattern from Camille Roskelley's Retro book. Love love her patterns. This is just one quarter of a single block...
 I will finish. Eventually. And have a pretty quilt on MY bed to show for it.

And then I had to set aside my quilt to get started on a quilt for a friend. Her baby shower invitation came in the mail and it is sooner than I thought! I scanned her Pinterest account and came up with something I really hope she'll like.
 This was my reference photo to see if I liked the layout. I only worked on this quilt three nights while watching Buffy (never watched the slayer before, kinda enjoying it. Joss Whedon at his best.).

Took a break from sewing when I saw blueberries on sale $1/pint!
 19 jars of jam later and we're set. Now to finish canning the mulberries my kids have been collecting.

Finished baby quilt top:
 Time to get to quilting. No idea what I'm going to do. :/

Speaking of mulberries....

Project I started on Tuesday of this week and finished this morning. I figure this is the last year I'll be able to do matchy-matchy outfits for my kids. My oldest was ready to mutiny when I made him match. I guess 7 is really grown up in the kid world.

I used simplicity patterns. My daughter's dress was a booger. I lost a piece of the pattern somehow (I think the cat took off with it) so I had to draft my own piece. It all worked out I think. The yoke is really tricky on that dress. It took a whole Buffy episode to get it perfect.

The boys' outfits were much easier. The baby's overalls were the same pattern I'd used for his easter outfit, so that went together really quickly. And after sewing my oldest's shorts I don't know why I've been so scared to tackle big boy clothes up to now. I'll definitely do more sewing for him from now on.

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  1. Oh! I LOVE her little dress. I would say worth all the effort. :)