Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas finishes

Sudoku quilt:
 This was a fast and easy quilt. The hardest part was solving the sudoku puzzle that I based the quilt layout on. And then I had to remember which fabric corresponded with which number. So I made a chart:
 Made life so much easier.
Now I debating whether or not to add a wide, cream border to the sides. Right now it is a small lap quilt, but borders would make it a decent lap quilt. So still trying to decide if I want to call the top finished now and get to work quilting, or if I want to add that bit of length and width to it. What do you think?

I finished this quilt last night. A friend gave me the top, which was still in the middle of assembly when she inherited it. I just squared it up and added the block with the initial.
 It goes back to the friend for her son, R, tonight. Hope she likes it!

Final finish of the week goes to two CTR capes that I finished yesterday:

WHEW! Sewing with an infant around is really difficult! Only another week of sewing before I need to have the quilt and a bag done for Christmas gifts to extended family. When I get back from my sister's wedding I'll finish my kids' gifts. I hope.


  1. Those capes are slick and shiny. You sudoku quilt is cute, too.