Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Buckle Book

I've been wanting to build a book for my daughter for a while that would sort of teach her how to dress herself. I'd wanted to do that for my son, but he sort of learned how to dress himself before I made the book.... Younger ones always get more. ;)
 With Moda hosting another challenge I decide now was as good a time as any. Their requirements were use Moda pre-cuts, at least one buckle, and some batting. Thus, the "Buckle Book" was born. Ready... set... SEW!

I used a Frolic (by Sandy Gervais) layer cake with a couple of Fig Tree's Whimsey squares thrown into the mix. I first sketched out how I wanted each page to look, then I assigned fabrics for each page and assemble each individual page. (I had plans for three more [I really wanted a shoe page!] but I had a hard time finding the extra buckles. So I left some extra room in the book so I can add extra buckle pages later.) Then I sewed the pages together two-by-two. After that I attached four pages at a time to Pellon. I really wanted the pages to be reinforced, especially because some of the pages needed some extra help to balance out the weight. After that I top-stiched each page and then sewed it into the book cover. It was a bit more difficult than I'd originally thought, but I really like how it turned out.
 My favorite page is the overalls page! I have this thing for overalls, I don't know what it is. Kids are just so darn cute in them! Those are D's overalls from when he was a brand new little baby. They are so tiny! I can hardly believe that my big boy was actually that small at one point. This was also the hardest page to put together because those overalls really added some weight and I broke two needles (DENIM NEEDLES!) trying to get that one top-stitched. It also really messed with the page I sewed it to.... It puckered and I couldn't get it to fix. :(
I quilted the outside covers to give them some texture that the other pages didn't have. I really like the squares on the front cover.

So now I'm getting it submitted. The competition is really stiff, and I really love a lot of the projects that people have submitted, so I'm totally intimidated. I can't wait to see the tutorials for those crafters who make the cut! :)

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